Story #1 Part 2 Celebrating Suhaagraat (first night) with a reader

When her pussy cooled down a bit, I resumed my stance once again. I inserted my tongue further into her pussy this time absorbing more of her pussy juice. All this time, she kept moaning.

It was now time for action. By this time, even I too didn’t have a single piece of clothing on me. I start with missionary position and ask her to lay down flat. I took a handful rose petals and jasmine flowers and showered those on her. It was a sight to watch. Her slightly tanned figure lined by several rose petals, flowers and nothing else on her body.

I inserted my penis into her wet pussy. Having had so much foreplay she was dripping wet and ready for me. I started with slow thrusts and gradually went deeper responding to her crescendo of moans.

My thrusts gradually built up, picking up both vigor and depth and I ultimately came within her. I lay on top of her exhausted. Her breasts lined with big beads of sweat comforted me.

Her breasts had swollen and I could see them rise and fall with her breath. 

I scooped some cum from her pussy and thrust my fingers to her mouth. She licked my fingers clean. She got up and I saw her naked ass walk gingerly to the bathroom. She came after a few minutes having completely cleaned her pussy and watered her body.

She lay on top of me. I began caressing her neck and filled it with soft kisses. I ran my fingers through her hair. I began to feel her soft tresses. I ran my hands down to her ass. I parted her ass cheeks and inserted my finger into her asshole. I could feel the warmth immediately. I sucked those fingers and inserted them back into her asshole.

I asked her,”Do you want anal?” and she almost sang a yes. I got her to doggy, applied plenty of oil and lube on my shaft and her hole. I could see her asshole was tiny. A darker shade of of skin covered the rear. I oiled my finger and inserted them again inside her. I got two of my fingers to stretch her asshole wider. Next, I got to work. It was difficult to get my full length inside her.

But it went in and she screamed from pain. Anal’s never easy. But once it was in and the first strokes began, I got to see her wild side. She screamed that she wanted more. 

I obliged, going in with my full length and more.

I was even more turned on now and my shaft increased its girth. I could sense her rectum tightening around my shaft but the oil and lube did the trick and it was now easy for the to and fro motion.

In my passion I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. She moaned back. She begged me to release her nipples. I didn’t. Sweat poured from her back and breasts and I licked her back.

I continued with my thrusts. My penis was exhausted from the earlier effort but it also meant that it would take a lot of time for me to release my load.

Richa: “Please fuck me harder.”

Me: “Yes, baby I am going to go all in. Today I will fuck the shit out of you. Tell me, if your ex-husband fucked you this hard.”

Richa: “He never had the courage to touch my asshole. It was all vanilla for him.”

Me: “Could he keep his dick erect for more than 10 minutes.”

Richa: “Can’t say, he finished in 2.”

That egged me to push harder and so I did. 

Richa: “Don’t finish just yet. Please continue harder and harder.”

Me: “Nope. I’m not there yet.”

Richa: “When you’re about to cum release it in my mouth. I want to taste your warm, salty cum. I want to drink it whole.”

Me: “You’re the biggest whore I’ve ever seen.”

Richa: “You haven’t seen anything, Just wait. I want all of your nectar.”

I thrust in and out even more until I couldn’t hold back any longer. 

I removed my shaft from her asshole and turned her around for her to face me. I inserted my dick, balls deep to her mouth and then back up and released my load over her face and breasts. She gathered the cum from around her face and licked it all up clean.

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