Story #1 Part 2 Celebrating Suhaagraat (first night) with a reader

When her pussy cooled down a bit, I resumed my stance once again. I inserted my tongue further into her pussy this time absorbing more of her pussy juice. All this time, she kept moaning.

It was now time for action. By this time, even I too didn’t have a single piece of clothing on me. I start with missionary position and ask her to lay down flat. I took a handful rose petals and jasmine flowers and showered those on her. It was a sight to watch. Her slightly tanned figure lined by several rose petals, flowers and nothing else on her body.

I inserted my penis into her wet pussy. Having had so much foreplay she was dripping wet and ready for me. I started with slow thrusts and gradually went deeper responding to her crescendo of moans.

My thrusts gradually built up, picking up both vigor and depth and I ultimately came within her. I lay on top of her exhausted. Her breasts lined with big beads of sweat comforted me.

Her breasts had swollen and I could see them rise and fall with her breath. 

I scooped some cum from her pussy and thrust my fingers to her mouth. She licked my fingers clean. She got up and I saw her naked ass walk gingerly to the bathroom. She came after a few minutes having completely cleaned her pussy and watered her body.

She lay on top of me. I began caressing her neck and filled it with soft kisses. I ran my fingers through her hair. I began to feel her soft tresses. I ran my hands down to her ass. I parted her ass cheeks and inserted my finger into her asshole. I could feel the warmth immediately. I sucked those fingers and inserted them back into her asshole.

I asked her,”Do you want anal?” and she almost sang a yes. I got her to doggy, applied plenty of oil and lube on my shaft and her hole. I could see her asshole was tiny. A darker shade of of skin covered the rear. I oiled my finger and inserted them again inside her. I got two of my fingers to stretch her asshole wider. Next, I got to work. It was difficult to get my full length inside her.

But it went in and she screamed from pain. Anal’s never easy. But once it was in and the first strokes began, I got to see her wild side. She screamed that she wanted more. 

I obliged, going in with my full length and more.

I was even more turned on now and my shaft increased its girth. I could sense her rectum tightening around my shaft but the oil and lube did the trick and it was now easy for the to and fro motion.

In my passion I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. She moaned back. She begged me to release her nipples. I didn’t. Sweat poured from her back and breasts and I licked her back.

I continued with my thrusts. My penis was exhausted from the earlier effort but it also meant that it would take a lot of time for me to release my load.

Richa: “Please fuck me harder.”

Me: “Yes, baby I am going to go all in. Today I will fuck the shit out of you. Tell me, if your ex-husband fucked you this hard.”

Richa: “He never had the courage to touch my asshole. It was all vanilla for him.”

Me: “Could he keep his dick erect for more than 10 minutes.”

Richa: “Can’t say, he finished in 2.”

That egged me to push harder and so I did. 

Richa: “Don’t finish just yet. Please continue harder and harder.”

Me: “Nope. I’m not there yet.”

Richa: “When you’re about to cum release it in my mouth. I want to taste your warm, salty cum. I want to drink it whole.”

Me: “You’re the biggest whore I’ve ever seen.”

Richa: “You haven’t seen anything, Just wait. I want all of your nectar.”

I thrust in and out even more until I couldn’t hold back any longer. 

I removed my shaft from her asshole and turned her around for her to face me. I inserted my dick, balls deep to her mouth and then back up and released my load over her face and breasts. She gathered the cum from around her face and licked it all up clean.

Story #1 Celebrating Suhaagraat (first night) with a reader

Both men and women imagine how it will be like on their first night after their wedding. It’s even more so because in India there’s way less exposure regarding sex. 

Most people mask their sexual identity and have severe repressed feelings of guilt around the act beyond a conventional setting. So there’s fantasy and story woven into thoughts around the first night. More fantasy than reality.

Most times the act doesn’t live up to the high expectations. It’s alright. There’s plenty of opportunity after.

There’s no reason why you can’t live the fantasy again later during another period of your life. This forms the premise of this story.

A reader of this blog wanted to relive her memories and contacted me with a strange request. 

To help her celebrate her suhaagraat again.

Let’s begin.

A high-flying career set on the backdrop of a thriving family life, even a kid that’s what Richa’s life was. She multi-tasked managing both family and career. But, things went southward for her one day and things headed to a divorce.

At 33, she stared at restarting her life from scratch. A few months into this, she felt that familiar itch. The absence of a man in life who could please her. Yes, she would finger herself often but that wasn’t enough. She wanted real connection that transcended boundaries anyone could conjure up.

Not being married didn’t mean she had to live by the rules men imposed on her. She was finally free and wanted to live life on her own terms. 

So that was when Richa emailed me. Circumspect, unassuming, the ask terrified of itself is how I remember the message.

“I am Richa. 33, divorced. Want to talk.”

The message even with the longest stretch of imagination didn’t tell me anything of the turmoil within her or what she wanted. 

As I would later find, even the self-pleasure she indulged in was long divorced from pleasure. The motive for what she did now was mostly to feel something different. The need had now changed. She wanted an emotional connection, to be felt, to be enjoyed and then enjoy herself. She wanted to be seen as another human being. 

And for reasons that are too many to list here life had taken that away from her.

I gave her my number. She talked..a lot. She told me about her life before. About how she feels disconnected from reality. She spoke of the sadness that defines her every waking moment.

We spoke for days and I began to understand Richa further. Fresh out of the shock of a divorce she didn’t want to be tied down by the baggage of another. But she wanted to feel wanted even if its for a single night.

I asked her for pictures. She sent them. I replied, “I want to scoop you out of these clothes, and kiss every godforsaken crevice, inch and space on your body. I want to bury my face in your breasts. And keep it buried there.”

It was as if a new life had awoken within her. She replied saying she wanted all of that and more and that’s when she articulated her fantasy.

It wasn’t enough for her to get laid. She wanted it to be like the very first time she was with a man. And that meant she was to be a new bride for a night, the clothes, the mehendi and jewelry all on. She wanted the trepidation, the excitement and the nervous flutter of that night once again. As her man, I could use her anyway I wanted.

I agreed. It’ll be fun I thought.

We decided on a date and time. It was her place. I arrived by night. She opened the door an event. Red saree twined with gold beads and a ghoonghat that partially masked her face. She was in it for real.

She led me by her hand to the bedroom where candles illuminated the marital bed. And she sat, her legs tucked neatly inside waiting with bated breaths.

Jasmine flowers and rose petals lined the bed. On the side table there was a single glass of milk. Tradition dictates the man drink his half and give the woman her half. I did that after lifting her veil.

Her face revealed modest makeup. Nothing too fancy. I drank my share and gave her the glass. She finished the glass. I approached her and we kissed. 

I tasted milk at first. And then, I tasted her, as we smooched. Her full luscious lips, her tongue and her mouth. The more I kissed the more she kissed back. It ignited passion within the both of us. I wanted her more than ever and it seemed she wanted me back the same way.

I left her panting and shaking. I had to taste her fully. I started undressing Richa. Tradition dictates you start with the breasts. I had to begin there, size them up, feel their softness and suckle on them.

By this time, I was fully turned on. 

I removed her top, and approached the bra underneath. I could see her white flesh eager to get out. I removed her bra, finally freeing her lovely doves. I couldn’t wait to run my hands over them, feel them, suckle on them, smell them and finally bury my face around them.

Slowly, I took the right one and took as much of it as I could inside my mouth. I heard the softest of moans escape her open mouth. I treaded with caution moving the nipple around my mouth and letting its warmth cover her breast. I sucked on her nipple, played around with it in my mouth and let its softness take complete hold of me.

I repeated the same things with the left one. Because the twins both need attention, love and care. You can’t simply take up one and then leave the other one hanging there.

I rubbed her belly and approached her belly button. I circled it with my tongue. The belly button is an especially erogenous zone with hundreds of nerve endings and stimulating the area in the right way means you can take her to the pinnacle of pleasure.

I spent a few minutes caressing her building up anticipation for what was to come next. I got her to remove her skirt to reveal her red lace panties. At this juncture, she was completely naked except for her red thong. To heighten the anticipation, I started by kissing her thighs first, licking and working up my way to her panties. I kissed her pussy covered by the thong. I raised her thighs a bit and asked her to reveal her butts. I kissed the back of her thighs and the round of her butts.

I slowly removed her thong. “Time for desert,” I quipped. 

I spent a few seconds gazing down at her pussy. I studied the lines, the curves, and her folds. I took in a deep breath inhaling her scent. I kissed her pussy, parted the lips slowly and placed my wet tongue on it. Her rose colored flesh was what I saw and each time I licked her she moaned. I quickened my pace, slithering my tongue in and out. The warmth from her pussy kept picking up. It had become too hot and was leaking her pussy juice. 

I took some time to cool off.

How can remote workers reduce the stress in their lives?

How can remote workers lower stress in their lives?

Workplace stress is becoming an increasingly common part of life.

Jobs are scarcely 9 to 5 now. As work seeps into everyday life that means people are bringing more of their work home. 

One in five people are telecommuting to work every day. Successful companies run entirely on remote teams neither renting nor buying office space. Remote work is surprisingly effective for teams. That’s the reason most businesses are choosing to go with remote work. There’s no rent and it encourages their staff members to be flexible. This makes it extremely attractive during recruitment offers.

Over 20 years ago just 1% of the population had access to the internet. Now over 55% of the world’s population have access to the internet.

The numbers are close to 90% in North America.

In addition to more internet access there are tools like Slack that can help teams monitor remote work. Slack is a communication channel used by companies across the world.

Problems with Stress as a Remote Worker

Remote working is a new and fresh concept. The pandemic has given it a new meaning but it’s still new. We do know that workplace stress can appear in different forms for remote workers and it can be difficult to recognize or allay this stress.

However, what we do know is that workplace stress can come in a different form for remote workers, which can be more difficult to recognise.

When working remote both employees and the people who manage them are face to face with a different set of challenges that can be inscrutable to deal with.

Managers require a number of ways to communicate with a team and also optimize the communication they are currently having.

Here’s the set of issues that a worker working remotely might come face to face with. They can suffer from a range of mental health issues. In this post I’m also going to highlight ways that can help workers overcome these issues.

  • No Social Interaction
    It’s important to know that remote workers can be gripped with a sense of acute loneliness. This loneliness stems from a sheer lack of social interaction and this tends to have a negative impact on their lives. Unlike offices where there are plenty of things to do like getting some lunch or a drink, there’s nothing as a remote worker. There’s no digital water cooler.

  • If remote communication is via the internet or worse through phone, there’s very little scope for the conversation drifting to casual channels. It has to be centered around work. Starting a conversation for the sake of it might not feel very comfortable.
  • Ability to Work Longer Hours
    If work is carried out on a computer and at your home, there’s often the possibility that you’re going to stray more and more and longer hours into work. Why? There’s nobody to monitor you. A retail manager cannot ask his employees to keep the shop up longer than necessary. With remote working all rules are tossed and there’s very little you can do about any of it.
  • Working remotely means you end up working late to get to finish the work. If employees can’t finish and log their hours. Employers don’t warn them about it.
  • Blurring the Work-Life Balance
    Working remotely is great for being flexible and that;s the reason the concept frays work-life balance. On one hand its easy to blur those boundaries and this is one of the impacts of working from home.
  • No Telltale Signs
    When working in the office others can realize when you are stressed. Its easy to fall behind in performance. It’s easy to see signs of lack of interest. Its easy to see those bags under the eye.
  • Working from home no one can warn you about those signs.

How Can Remote Workers Reduce Stress?

One of the better ways to reduce stress is by following the suggestions of those work in offices.

Drink less coffee, smoke less, rest more and get enough exercise. These are all great ideas to reduce stress.

Remote workers can also do the following to help manage their workload.

  • Creating Routine and Defining Boundaries:
    A separate office space away from family can be one the best things you could do for your health. If you don’t have a space at home go to the local library. Boundaries are key. This means you need to define where you sit and work.
  • Discuss Issues Face to Face:
    If you feel like there’s too much work talk to the manager. Use Skype or Facetime to see people face to face as there are many benefits of this. You will be able to relate more with them. This is the opportunity to get ahead and see the risk of stress on your mind and spirit.
  • Take Holiday:
    As a remote worker it can be tempting to carry work with you on a holiday. Office workers don’t do this. So should you.
  • Make time for Social Interaction:
    Whether it’s your spouse or coffee at Starbucks you need to find a space to find and interact with people. Interaction heals loneliness.

Acknowledge anxiety

If you want to solve the problem, acknowledge the fact that you are anxious.

Anxiety is difficult to manage, especially when you are remote working and there are children in the background who want your attention. It’s an important call to make. Especially if there are meetings in the room. You can feel isolated when all this goes on.

Whether you want to talk about the current citation or talk to people in the company email it’s important to set boundaries, get support and ask online doctors or therapists to help you.

Most companies are clearly falling behind in this. It needs to be said that you need to spend on your employees wellbeing. The rule is seminal.

Watch out for burnout

Often when teams aren’t working together and can’t be seen doing that they feel less committed to the task at hand. This can stress employees and can egg them to work more than if they were at office.

The burnout reasons and questions tend to emerge out slowly and can be hard to figure out. Watch for multiple signs like depression or a general lack of interest. Establish routines, take frequent breaks and invite a change in scenery.

BetterHelp Review and Pricing

As a remote worker or any type of worker you might find yourselves increasingly drawn to sad thoughts. I am finding this to be fairly common among remote workers because they have trouble managing life at home and their worklife, getting things done.

Also remote work has erased to be what was before the fine line between work time and home time. With work seeping into homes there’s very little people can do to save themselves from getting fully occupied with work all the time.

Here are a few stats to help you understand how big the problem has become now.

  • 19.1% of U.S. adults experienced mental illness in 2018. That means nearly 47.6 million people. 1 in 5 people experience mental illness.
  • 4.6% of U.S. adults experienced serious mental illness in 2018 that is 11.4 million people
  • 16.5% of U.S. youth aged 6-17 experienced a mental health disorder in 2016 (7.7 million people)
  • 3.7% of U.S. adults experienced a co-occurring substance use disorder and mental illness in 2018 (9.2 million people)

With face to face meetings going away, this has led to the resurgence of online healthcare. Telemedicine is now more popular than ever. That’s where BetterHelp comes in. Betterhelp is the largest online therapy platform in the entire world. Over 7800 licensed professional therapists are available on the platform. There are over 900,000 patients who have trusted the site and 70 million sessions have been completed on the platform. All of that makes Betterhelp one of the best online therapy sites you can use.

Pros and Cons of BetterHelp


  • BetterHelp is a fully professional, licensed and vetted online organization with 3 years and 20000 hours of experience.
  • The therapists are able to treat individuals for multiple health concerns.
  • Full communication possible with the mobile app. 
  • You can choose the degree of communication from messaging to live chat to speaking on the phone.
  • $40 to $70 per week is more affordable for a lot of people
  • It’s fast and user friendly.
  • Change your therapist any time you want.
  • There’s a free 7 day trial to get started


  • Therapists don’t make official diagnosis or prescribe medicines.
  • BetterHelp cannot service court orders
  • Betterhelp isn’t covered by insurance
  • Getting free trial can be sometimes difficult.

If you want to improve the quality of your life therapy is one of the options you should consider. BetterHelp therapists can help. THey can help you deal with anxiety, stress, relationship issues, family problems, addiction, trauma and more.

It’s great for those who want to speak to therapists but fromwithin the confines of their home.

It’s better than attending in person sessions with someone live.

Now you may have several questions swirling around in your mind.


What is BetterHelp?

Is BetterHelp legit?

Here are your answers

First, is Betterhelp legit?

Yes, betterhelp is a legit site where you can find answers to all your therapeutic needs.

It has a number of satisfied customers and is quick to becoming on the largest online therapy platforms there is with 12000 licensed therapists.

There are 1 million patients so far with them.

BetterHelp is a preferred choice for most people over traditional therapy because its affordable.

The platform is 100% secure. There’s convenience of therapy from within your home

It’s compliant with HIPAA law

It’s affordable compared to in-person therapy.

You remain anonymous as a user

The standards for therapists are high

You’re going to have a straightforward experience.

The most important resource is getting qualified therapists.

After getting acquired by Teladoc, the company employs the most rigorous application screening to maintain good quality. Only 15% of therapists who apply are finally approved.

For the application screening there’s a review of each therapist’s background and experiences

Their references and credentials are verified.

An exam evaluated by a licensed clinician.

A video interview

Betterhelp therapists are also made to undergo tests on a frequent basis for monitoring and improvement. They get client feedback when at BetterHelp.

All therapists have a master’s or a doctorate’s degree or more.

Psychologists (PhD / PsyD)

Marriage and family therapists (LMFT)

Clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW)

Licensed professional counselors (LPC)

The therapists have been qualified for 3 or more years and have 2000 hours of hands on experience before joining BetterHelp. In addition, there’s peer review, results monitoring and support and training.

There are mentors who guide them when signing up for Betterhelp.

For all therapists betterhelp has the highest standards. They are not responsible for patient counsellor interaction. However they are the platform that facilitates this exchange.

Good faith in therapists and continued loyalty is why people flock to the platform.

There are several things available on the platform, starting from couples counselling, extending through teen and LGBTQIA counselling.

There are specific and special programs.

How to get started with BetterHelp

It’s easy to sign up and start your counselling on Betterhelp. What you need start by doing is answering questions about you. You need to say what you’re looking for in a therapist and paying for the first month. The process doesn’t take any longer than 15 minutes. Once done you’re matched with a therapist.

If you’re not ready to pay stop until you get matched with a therapist.

You will receive an automated message from the therapist. Once you hit your response, you will be asked to pay to continue.

This is annoying but good for those who don’t want to pay yet and the  message is saved and ready to send once you have made the payment.

If you don’t know if you will be able to afford it and will be priced out of the services, select the can’t afford therapy and other options. This might give you access to the free trial where you can get therapy for free.

Here’s more detail you should know.

Step 1: Fill out a short questionnaire

BetterHelp uses responses to initial set of questions to identify the set of areas where you might need to help. This way they know which problems you’re going to seek solutions to in therapy. This helps you connect with the right therapist.

The questionnaire follows through with a basic set of questions and then extrapolates further regarding how you sleep, whether you looked at counselling in the past and other questions.

Step 2: Create your private account

Sign up with Facebook, Google or other sites by entering your email id and enter them to your site. You get a verification code that you can use on the BetterHelp site.

Step 3: Identify what you’re looking for in a counselor

Once you know what you want, you can add other parameters to look for, say age, gender, and sexual orientation.

After this, move on to areas where you need your therapist to have specilaization.



Family matters

Motivation and self-esteem

Eating disorders


Executive and professional coaching

Sleeping disorders

Finally, you’re asked to give a brief description of what brings you to BetterHelp.

Step 4: Get matched with a therapist

In the next step, based on all the choices you ticked the algorithm will find you a match with a  therapist.

In  order to get the best fit Betterhelp may or may not accommodate search entries with all your parameters. You might be matched with a gender opposite therapist. Next you see a photo and a picture of the person’s specialities, licensing and communication options.

You can request and change the therapist any time you want.

Next you can send a message to the therapist, confirm and pay.

You see a message followed by an automated, introductory message from the therapist seeking more information.

You will be asked to pay for the first month sessions as soon as you start. Each month of therapy entitles you to free unlimited messaging, chat or phone or video sessions per week.

Once paid, you can next schedule your weekly live chat phone or video sessions with the therapist. Based on their availability with the calendar.

How is it being on Betterhelp?

Betterhelp gives you a simple way to communicate with a therapist using the method you’re most convenient with. You can choose the desired communication mode when you book a session. You’re not committed to a single option. You can do a phone call per week and a video chat the next week. The pricing is the same for both.

The flexibility with rather no change in pricing can cater to people for ongoing therapy needs.

When you’re matched with a therapist, asking the right questions is the most important thing to pay attention to. Take the time to ask questions. You’re paying them so make sure they are responsive and available right where you need them. If you want to change therapists that option should be available for you.

The more you share with the therapist the better your expectations with them are going to be. You can communicate and this is going to be the best possible experience.

You may be matched with the right therapist in moments or you may want to talk with a few before you find your match.

The site and mobile app offer simple, easy to use interface and its seamless to manage your account. It’s easy to set appointments, It’s easy to review past sessions.

If you’re happy with email and messaging, live chat and video calls and prefer a straightforward and intuitive experience then Betterhelp is for you.

Unlimited messaging with your therapist

Betterhelp payment plans include unlimited messaaging. That’s not real time but works like email.

You and your therapist share a dedicated virtual room where you can communicate with each other securely.

In this room you can leave long or short messages for the therapist. When your therapist replies you can ask more questions. Messaging works through the betterhelp site or mobile app.

The alerts are sent to your mobile based on your settings and preferences.

When a message comes you need to login to the site or to the app to read and reply to the message. It’s like email where you are given the ability to attach files, send videos or audios too. Again, you can marke certain messages as urgent or important.

You can expect responses to your messages on each day that your therapist shows up for work. Therapists vary in their frequency of response. Some respond evenly and much more frequently.

Others will make you wait a day or reply to several of your messages in a string.

Betterhelp gives you room to figure out what’s the best frequency for you to communicate.

If you’re not satisfied with the frequency or with the amount of effort put into the messages you can switch between therapists and find someone more suitable


Jounraling is another important and useful aspect on BetterHelp. Journaling is a habit that promotes mindfulness. It keeps a record of ourselves, our habits and distractions.

Betterhelp sends daily reminders when you post journal entries. This can help you contribute a few minutes of each day toward this. It’s your private space and helps you record and share experiences with your therapist.

Live chat

Another advantage is live chat. The advantage with live chat is you get a full record of the conversation with therapists so you can refer and go back to it any time you want.

It’s similar to texting or using online chat programs to communicate witha  friend. The live chat program lets you communicate back and forth 

Betterhelp’s live chat means you can use your mobile or pc to communicate with therapists. The meetings are scheduled ahead of time and that implies the therapist will be available and will communicate to you during the time.

For others who are not so comfortable speaking or video chatting, live chat is a great ioption that lets them open up about their problems while also maintaining a cool distance.

Phone call

You may also go old school with BetterHelp and seek help with a traditional phone call if you want. With this youjust need to put the phone to your ear and avoid any face to face sessions while getting personal advice you can use. It’s useful when you’d rather talk with the therapists.

Video sessions

People are familiar with video chat. Better Help video calls are no different than on most providers. You need a speedy internet connection. Use the mic and camera on the phoen or mobile to speak face to face with the therapist in real-time.

The video session is as close to in person therapy as you can get. You get a good vibe and a true sense of personal interactions happening. Once comfortable and once you establish a rapport its easy to schedule phone calls or live chat sessions.

How long are BetterHelp live sessions?

A once per week live session typically is for an hour. Multiple sessions of shorter duration are better for in-person therapy.

The length and the number of live sessions can be determined and worked on as you need more therapy together.

Some people like it better and love a shorter session than many longer sessions.

It’s about discovering a rhythm and sticking to it. In between live sessions you can interact by messaging and doing routine chains with the therapist.

What is BetterHelp’s cancellation policy?

Yes you can cancel BetterHelp subscription if you so wish.

Cancelling a subscription can be easily done online. It takes only a few minutes to do so.

Once you’re logged in go to payment settings. See a link that will let you change or cancel your plan. Click on the link and answers  multi choice question regarding why you’re cancelling. You can share with the therapist why you want to cancel. Or not. It depends on you. Next, you’re going to be asked if you like the same therapist in the future.

Once you confirm the cancellation you get an email confirming the same.